How to Enhance a Culture of Prevention at the Workplace

culture of safety

When it comes to accidents at work, prevention is the first line of defense. For typical work environments, such as offices, this arguably lies with staff. A strong culture based around prevention only decreases the likelihood of such incidents occurring in the first place. As such, many workplaces should be looking to enhance the various factors and attributes that make up such a working mind-set.

Stop Trying to Motivate Your Employees – and What To Try Instead

Engage to motivate

“How can I motivate my employees to ________? (work harder, be safer, be healthier, participate, etc.)? is a futile question. Research has shown consistently that one person cannot force another person to change. However, cultivating a thriving workplace culture will foster intrinsic motivation, support employee wellbeing, help employees successfully adapt to change, and will also reveal the valuable connection between corporate culture and success. Instead of a host of gimmicks to entice employees, create the conditions in which they can find their own motivation – and then help them be the authors of their own change journey.1 Here’s how:

To Shift Culture Use Super-Vision


One of the biggest opportunities missed by companies everywhere is knowing how to tap into the power and potential hidden within the organization—the front line employees. What can companies do to create a culture of engagement that benefits the company, the customer and the employees? Focus on Super Vision versus supervision.

Bridging the Authenticity Gap


“I never give a 5”, said the senior executive when evaluating one of his people on a 5 point scale. “No one is perfect.” All our lives, in school, athletics, or socially, we are poked, prodded, and pushed to be perfect by evaluation systems that merely show us we are not 5’s, “not good enough”. We are less than perfect, based the standards of others, so peer pressure becomes our moral compass. In the business world, it’s organizational politics and fear that shape how we behave. We have to take orders, get along, and not rock the boat in order to advance.