How a Culture of “Giving Back” Benefits Your Business


“Giving back to the community” is usually code for tax deductible donations or canned food drives.  It’s not something that’s expected to be part of business culture.  In fact, it is an important aspect of a healthy culture.

When giving back is an expected part of your culture, you will find plenty of opportunities to give back in ways that benefit your business.  Take, for example, the case of recruiting.

Most companies invest quite a bit of time and effort in recruiting.   However, almost all of them waste a good chunk of that investment.  Companies with a culture of giving back to the community know that giving feedback to candidates benefits not only the candidate, but also increases their recruiting performance, and improves employee engagement – all while helping the talent community grow.

Inspiring Passion and Purpose for a Happier World

Tony Hsieh

Photo Credit: Charles Henry, Flickr – Altered with Quote

An Interview with Jenn Lim, CEO of Delivering Happiness

Is happiness a driver of business results? How do you go about improving happiness in an organization? We discussed these and other subjects as part of a interview with Jenn Lim, CEO of Delivering Happiness. She started Delivering Happiness with Tony Hsieh of Zappos after he wrote the best-selling book by the same name and they are building a community with the greater goal of nudging the world towards passion, purpose, and a happier place.

Overcome Fear – It’s a Disease and the Ultimate Culture Killer

Dash King

Most of us experience fear in some form in the workplace nearly every day.  Some is completely natural due to uncertainty about raising a problem, idea or opinion. In other cases, fear leads to tragic consequences as employees resist speaking up or “acting on what they know.” Fear is the ultimate culture killer and was the subject of a top 50 post on TLNT last year titled The 8 Clear Signs of a Workplace Culture of Fear.  So how do you overcome fear and take action that will benefit your organization?

Build a Culture Your Customers Will Love

Stephen R. Covey

Creating an exceptional customer experience has become a top priority for the world’s greatest organizations as more companies realize that an exceptional customer experience can be a true competitive advantage.  An exceptional customer experience requires an exceptional organizational culture.