Why You Must Manage Culture – or Face the Tragic Consequences

Culture Crisis

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Culture is clearly a powerful force, but it’s unfortunately being used as an excuse for disasters ranging from the banking crisis five years ago to the Fukushima nuclear disaster and even the locker room hazing crisis of the Miami Dolphins.

If culture is a contributing cause to so many disasters then it’s especially concerning considering the recent Booz & Company survey where 96 percent of respondents felt culture change was needed in their organization and 51 percent felt a major culture overhaul was needed.

What crisis is next and could there be a disaster looming in your organization?

The 8 Clear Signs of a Workplace Culture of Fear

Culture of Fear

(Editor’s Note – This post originally appeared on TLNT and was used to populate CultureU for the site launch)

Two major incidents in the last week made me think about the signs of a culture of fear since fear is the ultimate culture killer!

Ex-Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice was interviewed byGood Morning America host Robin Roberts about the abusive behavior that led to his firing nearly seven months ago. He proclaimed “I’ve changed” as he showed remorse for his actions that included pushing players, throwing basketballs at their heads, screaming obscenities, and using anti-gay slurs.

Rutgers of course isn’t the only organization that’s been horrified by something in their culture.

Horrified by Something in Your Culture? Better Look in the Mirror


Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on TLNT and was used to populate CultureU for its launch.

We see media coverage nearly every day about horrific behavior, a rogue employee or deeper criticisms about the culture of an organization.  This week is no different as we prepare for college basketball’s Final Four.

Rutgers University fired their basketball coach Wednesdayafter a video of his incredible behavior shoving players, throwing basketballs at players and downright degrading his team was shown on ESPN’s Outside the Lines and later went viral.

It followed initial notification about this behavior to their management last summer and a suspension for three games in December that’s put their Athletic Director on the hot seat for not administering a more severe punishment — now that the video is public.